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I have bought various products from Knitcraft. Bright and warm neck warmer that kept me cozy all through my winters last year. A warm and smart stole with a beautiful border that I wore with my western dresses. The hard work and thought out style in each piece is very evident and much appreciated. I love your designs and passion for work. Wish you the very best.
Astha Rai Sehgal   -- Noida November 07, 2014
Excellent and Vibrant collection for the young 'n' the old alike...Knit Craft has something for everyone from newborns to the young at heart
Bindu   -- Faridabad October 15, 2014
Last year while visiting a craft exhibition, I was drawn towards the vibrant colors of hand knitted stoles, wraps and mufflers at Knit Craft stall. I bought a couple of them and found them to be very fine example of craftsmanship. Have been complemented by many whenever I wore them. Eagerly waiting to pick up few more this time
Anjali   -- Delhi October 15, 2014
My experience with Knit Craft has been surreal as it offers quality products at cost effective price, plus products are both fashionable and comfortable. It's a one stop chic solution for my knit worrie
Sangeeta   -- Noida October 15, 2014

4 Item(s)